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End-to-end remote workforce services

We identify, enable, and manage skilled staff to deliver the remote roles we develop for our clients

First we remotely-enable the role

If the role doesn't require the employees physical presence, we can generally build it into a position that can be filled remotely.

Examples of roles that we've successfully delivered on are general admin, customer service (non-voice), accounting, and even technical roles like drafting, coding, and design. No individual city, or even country, can match the size of a remote talent base - whatever the skill that is demanded, we're drawing on the worlds single largest pool of available talent.

Then we hire and train staff into the role

After having worked to understand the role from top to bottom and inside-out, we will have determined the right type of person to fill the role.

We set about recruiting for the role, screening the applicants according to the requirements of the position (if it's a technical role, we'll do technical testing, if it's a general role, we'll do generalized testing), and once we have made a final selection for the role, we start the new employee in the position and deliver hands on, one-on-one training to get them productive as fast as possible.

Then we manage the staff in the role on an ongoing basis

Whether it's a single person, or a team of dozens or hundreds, we manage their productivity, performance, and work on an ongoing basis.

The ongoing nature of our service means that our clients are freed from HR tasks, direct supervision requirements, and indeed the work involved to replace any team member if they leave the role, or need to be moved on from the role - it's all part of our done-for-you service.

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Reliability, efficiency, and scalability

Our done-for-you service allows you to strategically dedicate your human capital to the areas that demand your greatest attention, and let us focus on delivering the rest.

Non-interruption of workflow and process delivery can mean the difference between a good customer experience and a failing company

With a location-independent workforce, you're better equipped to pursue the bottom-line savings that come from flexibility of hiring staff in lower cost countries

A well documented role, backed by skilled support and world-class training is the key to successfully scaling any position, process, or workflow

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